Granny’s Finest is a Slow Fashion Label that contributes to the societal participation of elderly people. All our products are handmade with natural and recycled certified materials. This way we want to create more cohesion, retention of craftsmanship and a sustainable world.

Project Details

Activity, Art and Social

  • Activity : Knitting
  • Artistic product : Design
  • Technical product : Fashion

Success of the Cooperation

Granny’s Finest is active in several large and small cities, including Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. For the financing and organization of the knitting clubs, we work together with social funds and welfare organisations. This is how we can realise these activities for elderly people from our own mission and possibilities

Services Offered

  • Services Offered : Collective workshops, Group activities

Granny’s finest provides community knitting workshops that serve as meeting-points for designers and elderly experts in material and craftsmanship. In addition Granny’s Finest raises social cohesion by organising group activities. This way they fight against loneliness.