For a whole year, Leeuwarden was completely dedicated to culture. The title of Lwd2018 is Iepen Mienskip. Iepen is the Frisian word for ‘open’, whereas Mienskip represents the sense of community. Lwd2018 connects different kinds of communities with each other. This is why the slogan was Criss-Crossing Communities. Culture of the mienskip, culture of the masses. The offer was enormous and wonderful (sustainable) projects were set up, some of which may live on after 2019. Leeuwarden won the race for the title by submitting a huge plan containing goals in areas such as culture, sustainability, integration and the environment. To make this programme feasible, the organisation needed to be strengthend. The support and advice from international and national artists and cultural operators was needed. Furthermore, also the support of enterprises, schools, universities, welfare institutions and touristic organisations was found, all of which are necessary to realise the events and the side programmes.

Project Details

Activity, Art and Social

  • Activity : Visual arts, Tours, Festivals, Performances
  • Artistic product : Performance, Exhibitions, Tours and festivals
  • Technical product : Theatre, Art exhibitions,
  • Executive product : Event organisation, Marketing

Lwd2018 wants to demonstrate that culture can be at the heart of transformation in the strengthening of the social fabric and human potential of Europeans. To create ‘chemistry in cultural test tubes’ the method was to change minds: be that putting together a farmer and an artist, a Polish worker and a local resident, a fountain builder and a hotel owner, a factory owner and a game designer.

At its core, the cultural programme was fit for purpose. In addressing themes, they involved artists, scientists, citizens and institutions alike. Through an interdisciplinary approach they harnessd the energy and creativity necessary to address the core themes from multiple perspectives. It was an action-driven, open-minded decision-making process; an organisational model informed by the ideals of open Mienskip. Culture was not seen as a means to indulge in elitist culture but to embrace all kinds of artistic and cultural expressions.

Success of the Cooperation

Capitals of Culture ‘not only remains relevant at EU level, but also continues to be of great value to the host cities’. -improving the range and diversity of cultural offers and widening access to and participation in culture, -attention to European themes such as minority languages, the- relationship between urban and rural areas, – culture was used in Friesland as a means of establishing contact with its own inhabitants. The ‘bottom-up’ approach is considered valuable. Local residents and stakeholders were involved and the cultural capacity of the local cultural and creative sector was strengthened, as well as its interwovenness with other sectors.

Services Offered to the Artist

  • Services Offered : Audience, Network, (inter)national marketing