Switch2move is committed to the well-being of older people, particularly with dementia and Parkinsons. Combined exercise programs based on dance are offered, with the aim of improving: physical functions, thinking ability and general health. Switch2move ensures lasting positive behavioral changes when following the sessions in a sustainable way !

Project Details

Activity, Art and Social

  • Activity : Active ageing, Dance, Movement
  • Artistic product : Movement classes, Dance, Performances
  • Technical product : Dance studio, Presentation room, Music
  • Executive product : Organisation dance room, Marketing, Administration, Fundraising

Dance and music contribute to the well-being and quality of life of the elderly. Active aging programs lead to physical, mental and social improvements in particular for people with health issues such as dementia and Parkinson’s. Switch2move gets people moving, using their own strength, so that strengths, weaknesses and needs are expressed in the movement.

Success of the Cooperation

The De Friesland Foundation subsidized the development. It has now been proven that dancing has a positive effect on both the physical and mental functioning of people with Parkinson’s disease. A great example of positive health.

Services Offered to the Artist

  • Services Offered : Dance studio, Movement classes

Switch2Move collaborates with dance companies and art centres. They make their dance studios available free of charge for exercise classes for elderly people and people with Parkinsons do so out of social interest. S2M provides movement lessons by professional dance teachers who have had specific training. In some cases, such as now with De Friesland, the lessons are reimbursed by a health insurance company.