30 years ago, a couple bought a run-down farm to set up a biodynamic farm. when they took this step! From the beginning, quality lived in Höhenberg, which accompanies us to this day: They welcomed everyone who wanted to come to them on the farm. Soon the idea arose that the farm should become a village. Biodynamic and socio-therapeutic impulses were combined. The project is and has been supported by many donors and grants, so that the dream has become reality and a village with many workshops has come into being.

Project Details

Activity, Art and Social

Workshops in different areas – e.g. creative workshop, wood workshop, felting, carpentry, carving.

  • Activity : Daily work in the respective workshops, Living together in the community
  • Artistic product : Shop and sell at markets
  • Technical product : Home page, Social media,

Success of the Cooperation

Common ideal foundation.

Services Offered to the Artist

Living in a community, Linking art and social work, Autarky