Community mediation space with a social, cultural and ecological approach, to develop activities of different themes such as second hand sales, social restaurant, artistic workshops, which encourage the creation of local craft products and the transformation of discarded objects, promoting creativity and reducing waste, giving them a second use and in an accessible way for those people with low resources. In addition to promoting the integration of vulnerable people, the intercultural mediation of groups at risk with their contexts and the promotion of employment of groups at risk.

Project Details

Activity, Art and Social

  • Activity : Workshops, Sales training, Social restaurant, Internships
  • Artistic product : Handmade souvenirs, Stamps, Carpentry
  • Technical product : Graphic design, Photography
  • Executive product : Publishing, MGMT

Engraving and handicraft workshops are carried out with vulnerable people, creating job insertion itineraries and understanding art as a therapeutic tool.

Services Offered to the Artist

  • Services Offered : Hosting, Target Group, Network, Meals

Casa Kuna offers artists who want to work there lodging (linked to Fundacion Escuela de Solidaridad), daily meals. Spaces to create, work and rehearse. Networks for diffusion in the city. Emotional support and accompaniment for the work with the target group. Direct linkage with different target groups: migrants, refugees, women who suffered gender violence. Networking with other organizations and with the city council.