Using the nose to create a climate of trust, Miloud introduced various elements of circus art, always being with them, even during the night in their refuge, along the hot water pipes, which are under the city (canals). Children/young people of orphanages, of sad memories, abandoned or runaways, Miloud was by their side, sharing their despair, loneliness and fear. He succeeds in creating a bond of friendship, of trust, thus putting on a show with them. The joy of being recognized by ordinary citizens, of being applauded, gives these children the hope to move forward…

Project Details

Activity, Art and Social

  • Activity : Social intervention, Social circus, Football as a social tool
  • Artistic product : Performances, Festivals
  • Technical product : Video, Pictures, Costumes
  • Executive product : MGMT, Communication, Publishing

The artistic program offers every child or teenager the opportunity to discover the art of the stage, through circus, theatre, dance, puppet theatre.

It is a playful, pedagogical and informal tool for social integration, used within the day centre or through various artistic performances or tours.
The programme activities focus on the development of creativity and self-esteem/self-confidence. During the tours, young people present their performances at various festivals, events organized by various institutions, social welfare institutions and hospitals. With various skills in the field of performing arts, some young people do animation, circus workshops in French, American and English schools in Bucharest, during cultural events or in animation centres.

The shows are a real opportunity for young people to meet people with different horizons or to discover or re-discover the harmonious life in the bosom of the family, because the accommodation is in families willing to host them.

Services Offered to the Artist

  • Services Offered : Target Group, Network, Hosting

Spaces to create, work and rehearse. Networks for diffusion in the city. Emotional support and accompaniment for the work with the target group. Direct linkage with different target groups: migrants, refugees, women who suffered gender violence. Networking with other organizations and with the city council.