We are people who with professionalism and seriousness put children and young people at the first place, building with them carefully educational paths, contrasting the educational poverty and hardship in which they are forced to live.
We are inspired by the principles of equality and respect for human rights, starting from a contact with children and young people directly on the WAY. Starting from the contact with STRADA, understood in its original role as an educational community, our aim is to create and offer stimuli for children and young people to find their own personal and social dimension, overcoming the discomfort in which they find themselves living.

Project Details

Activity, Art and Social

  • Activity : African percussion show, Workshops, Emotional support
  • Artistic product : Performances, Festivals, Music
  • Technical product : Recording
  • Executive product : MGMT, Communication, Marketing

The association organize a music workshop each week to increase social inclusion and cultural exchange. The music help the social inclusion, the communication and produce a change to each participant.

Services Offered to the Artist

  • Services Offered : Network, Hosting, Education

The main objective of the project is to rediscover African traditions according to the most ancient, simple but powerful means of communication, music and dance conceived as a universal language. Through the engagement and study of percussive music that originates precisely in some countries of origin of the applicants for international protection who will benefit from the course, spaces and moments of mutual sharing can be generated. With the enhancement of the respective cultural assets, which should not be considered as diversity or obstacles but as opportunities for personal and collective growth, we pursue the goal of integration by trying to offer opportunities for social inclusion that go, through sound, beyond walls and borders.