Name of the Project: Freehouse

    Organizations: Freehouse

    Address: Rotterdam



    Since 2008, Freehouse has been making the qualities present in Rotterdam’s Afrikaanderwijk visible. The Market of Tomorrow, for example, shows how the well-known Afrikaander market can be further improved, while the Wijkatelier op Zuid and the Wijkkeuken van Zuid show what talents there are in the field of textile production and cooking. Freehouse strives to set up spaces where local entrepreneurs, young people and artists/designers can come together to share knowledge, experiences and ideas. This exchange will lead to a form of cultural production that will strengthen the economical position of the people involved and visualise the inventing and realisation of cultural ideas.


    Freehouse is an (existing medieval and Baroque) model in which education and work form the basis for stimulating cultural self-consciousness and the economic strength of the neighbourhood, with a special place for ‘outsiders’ in recognition of their positive contribution to public space and culture in a general sense. Freehouse strives to set up spaces where local entrepreneurs, young people and artists/designers can come together.

    Element for succes of the cooperation/Project:

    The Wijkatelier distinguishes itself through customisation and the mastery of special techniques combined with extensive experience in product development. The Wijkatelier creates a link between these residents and designers. In this way, qualities are utilised and transferred that preserve them for the future.

    Service Description:

    Freehouse provides workplaces that serve as meeting-points where residents and designers so they can exchange material knowledge, craftsmanship and special techniques in the field of textile production. This way the qualities of both groups utilized and transferred so they will be conserved in the future. In the concept store De Wijkwinkel (young) designers from Rotterdam South and the surrounding area sell their products. From unique items of clothing to trendy fashion accessories.
    The “Wijkatelier” is one of the collective workshops. Here amateurs and professionals work together on new products, from sample collections to art installations.

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