About this project

This platform is part of the project “Art No Stop” and is co-financed for the Erasmus+ program.


In this historical moment in which we are witnessing a drastic global shutdown (Global Stop), artists and entertainers have been forced to stop their activities, with many being unable to find a space to practice, create and perform their art. Of these groups, street artists are one of the most vulnerable.

At the same time, host communities have continued their work, taking an increasingly active role in the community due to the social and sanitary emergency. It is for this reason that the need to create networks of collaboration and reflection has been identified as a way to use art as a tool of intervention in the world of the socially sporadic. By transforming host communities into Active welcome spaces, professionals, users and artists will be brought together in an interactive and educational environment, providing the tools for transforming communities into creative residences capable of managing, producing and disseminating events.

Our general objective is to promote the creation of a network which incentivises inclusion and creative education accessible to social projects and artists, in addition to:

  1. Experiment with new models of ACTIVE WELCOMING within the communities, which provide permanent education for adults using creative residencies and art exhibitions inside and outside the host communities.
  2. Generate a digital web platform which brings together said social projects capable of providing training and services beneficial to artists.
  3. Equip social media users with the necessary digital skills to manage artistic events, transforming social projects into places of Active Reception, promoting art and themselves
  4. Train adult migrants and low-skilled project users in the technical production of art shows in order to bring them closer to the art world and give them greater job opportunities
  5. Make the condition of the migrant visible through art and educate citizens in order to change their perspective towards migrants.
  6. Offer migrant adults a different perspective of host communities where the user is the protagonist and engine of their community together with the technical team
  7. Promote the inclusion of art as a form of informal education thanks to the consolidation of its presence and support in social projects.
  8. Sustain the vision of communities as a social entrepreneurship project in favor of the principle of Generative Welfare.

The recipients of the educational action are divided into two groups since the contents of the courses are different:

  • Course 1 is aimed at 12 professionals from the third sector who collaborate in host communities such as: social educators, psychologists, social workers, social integrators, occupational therapists, people who works in social and health care, etc. These people have a high academic qualification, with knowledge about the problems presented by people who are in situations of vulnerability, risk or social exclusion.
  • Course 2 is aimed at 24 migrants who live in host centers or communities. This group is usually quite heterogeneous, but generally they tend to have low academic qualifications, emotional management problems, behavioral problems, feelings of apathy and low self-esteem.

Description of the planned activities:

  • Creation of a digital platform to connect the world of host communities with the world of artists in the European Union.
  • Create a guide for social project managers, educators and, more generally, all staff working in host projects with the aim of turning host communities into hosts and artistic managers, promoting social entrepreneurship.
  • Training course aimed at social educators, psychologists, social workers, etc., in which the previously prepared guide will be used, in order train them as artistic managers.
  • Training course aimed at migrants from host communities that aims to train them in the technical part of the production of artistic shows.