Created in 2009 by the company Animasur, the Urban Arts Center is the largest Andalusian reference of Circus and education. It was awarded by the Circus Association of Andalusia as the best circus project and has been the organizer of the First National Congress of Education and Circus together with the FEFPAC (Spanish Federation of Vocational Training of Circus Arts), an organization currently chaired by Jose A. Pascual Garrido president of the CAU and director of Animasur. Cau Breathe actuality, society and look for the circus from concepts of the most contemporary theater and the renewal of the circus. The CAU aims to make the students of its school better people and free artists, creators committed to the society that houses them.

Project Details

Activity, Art and Social

  • Activity : Show, Theatre tour
  • Artistic product : Performances
  • Technical product : Video, Pictures, Costumes
  • Executive product : Communication, MGMT

The Jacaranda 11 theater group is made up mostly of blind or visually impaired actors and actresses, affiliated with Once.In just one year, and due to the tenacious work that the affiliates have developed, they went from being a workshop to consolidating themselves as a Theater Group, a circumstance considered a great feat in a workshop with so little time of experience.

Services Offered to the Artist

  • Services Offered : Performance, Visibility, Networking, Accommodation, Meals

The organization offers to the organizations that want to work in a networked way, lodging, food, training support about working directly with the target group.