The non-profit association MAAP – Atelier d’arte Pubblica, based in Matera, aims to apply artistic methodologies in the social space with the aim of increasing collective well-being through the sublimation of the talents of places and individuals. MAAP looks at the margin as a privileged condition to listen to the breath of small things, to experience the surprise of a hidden beauty, enjoying the simplicity of habits far from pressing rhythms. The goal of the project is to act within small communities that perceive as a situation suffered the distance from an imaginary “center”. The aim is not to break down the peripheral condition, but give it strength as an additional value.

Project Details

Activity, Art and Social

  • Activity : Art workshops, Art exhibitions
  • Artistic product : Mural, Performance with the locals
  • Executive product : Producing, Publishing

After some meeting with marginalised locals in different the Artist draw the future murals and the people help him to finish it.

Services Offered to the Artist

  • Hosting
  • Meals
  • Emotional Support
  • Spaces to create, work and rehearse
  • Networks for diffusion in the city
  • Emotional support and accompaniment for the work with the target group
  • Direct linkage with different target groups: migrants, refugees, women who suffered gender violence
  • Networking with other organizations and with the city council.