Video Production

As part of this project, an online course for adult education has been created for adult users of active host communities for the production of artistic events.

The first chapter is all about Video Production in order to get started in this world, from more technical aspects such as lights and sound to tips to better tell a story, we seek to make it accessible to tell a story through video.

You can find the link to download this manual below, it is available in 5 languages (AR, DE, EN, ES and IT).

As well as the manual, each partner created playlists about the topic of their chapter to expand on the subjects in different formats.

The library is divided in seven parts:

  1. Functioning
  2. Storyboard
  3. Shooting
  4. Sound for video making
  5. Editing
  6. Lights in video making
  7. How to make an interview

To see an overview of the playlists for this chapter, you can also open the youtube channel and click on “playlists”.

For this chapter we decided to interview Ismael, a young videomaker who learned to record on his own with his phone until he could save up to buy a camera. Ismael tells us about his own story and experience in recording and editing videos, as well as telling us about his dreams of dedicating his life to video creation.

You can find below a playlist of interviews with him, talking about how he started, what his dreams are and how he is working towards achieving them.

+Playlist: Interviews with Ismael

Here you can find a link to a playlist of videos we created interviewing Ismael about their experience filming and creating videos for this project.

Ismael’s story

Finally, we a self-evaluation with questions related to the basic manual and tutorials above.

The self-evaluation can be done through different formats in order to make it more accesible:

  1. A test in google forms
  2. Microvideos with the same questions in stories on instagram with poll (will be uploaded during the week)
  3. Self testing on the online platform See below.