Production and Communication

Whether you’re planning to shoot a movie, deliver a theatre performance, or organize a concert,  managing an artistic event can be overwhelming. Between communicating with event staff, double-checking the guest list, and preparing to troubleshoot problems—the workload can be too much for one person.

When it comes to event management, teamwork makes the dream work. Appointing dedicated team members to share the responsibility can alleviate stress and result in a more streamlined event.

This chapter of the online course introduces the roles of the different team members in artistic production, and also deals with communicating artistic events to your audience.

Great events don’t happen by chance—every memorable event has several dedicated planners working behind the scenes.

Everyone on an event management team has a role to play, and each role involves a particular set of skills and responsibilities.

This part of the course is made of a youtube playlist about roles in artistic production and communication.

You can find the playlist here.

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To see an overview of the playlists on our youtube channel, you can also open the youtube channel and click on “playlists”.

In this chapter we interviewed people with different roles working on the Dellafuente concert.

You can find the personal interviews on our youtube channel:

+Playlist: Interviews 

Here you can find a link to the video we created interviewing the people behind Radio Almaina about their story and the production adn communication behind the radio.

Radio Almaina’s story

Finally, we a self-evaluation with questions related to the basic manual and tutorials above.

The self-evaluation can be done through different formats in order to make it more accesible:

  1. A test in google forms.
  2. Microvideos with the same questions in stories on instagram with poll (will be uploaded during the week)
  3. Self testing on the online platform See below.