Sound Production

Recording music and podcasts on a computer has never been easier or more accessible . With the current software, you no longer need a professional recording studio or expensive equipment to make high-quality recordings. Don’t worry too much about having the fanciest equipment or the perfect sound quality. Just focus on creating inspiring content and engaging with the listeners. Whether you’re a musician looking to record your own music or a podcaster looking to share your message with the world , recording on a computer can be a convenient and cost-effective option.

This part of the course is made by a playlist about sound production and mastering.

Here is the link to the playlist on youtube.

Please relate this playlist to the topics of the manual.

To see an overview of the playlists for this chapter, you can also open the youtube channel and click on “playlists”.

For this chapter we created a playlist of interviews with the music producer Mihai Puscoiu.

You can find the personal interviews with Mihai Puscoiu on our youtube channel:

+ Playlists : Interviews with Mihai Puscoiu


Finally, we a self-evaluation with questions related to the basic manual and tutorials above.

The self-evaluation can be done through different formats in order to make it more accesible:

  1. A test in google forms
  2. Microvideos with the same questions in stories on instagram with poll (will be uploaded during the week)
  3. Self testing on the online platform See below.